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Key facts:

Three-level system availability

Bio Suisse divides reproductive material (seeds and propagating material) into three levels as available as organic:

Level 1 (Bio = mandatory): The use of organic propagating material is mandatory. No exceptions possible in commercial production, except for variety trials and as part of the conservation of biodiversity. A request for authorization is required.

Level 2 (Bio = Rule): The use of organic propagating material is the rule. If no valid range is available in organic, a duly substantiated request must be made to obtain a waiver.

Level 3 (Bio = desired): Free choice of varieties of organic propagating material. If a desired variety is available as well as organic and non organic, it must be ordered bio. If a variety is available only as non-organic but untreated, this non-organic seed and untreated can be used without permission exceptional.
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