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The agricultural land is an enormously complex and delicate ecosystem. The soil is essentially alive and is in itself an extraordinary natural chemical laboratory.
Soil fertility is the result of cooperation of billions of individuals per square meter: you read that right, in a square meter of land (and in the thickness of a few tens of centimeters) there are billions of people, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, insects, mites, worms, earthworms, small rodents and reptiles who work for the fertility of the soil.
What effect can have a 180 hp tractor, plow equipped with a 50 or even 80 cm? Devastating.
In addition there is also the soil, its mineral part, a delicate physical structure, consisting of clay, sand, silt, humus, water and air: the whole micro-structured spongy balls.

Finally, the soil is placed in layers, which are neatly arranged, going in depth, five or six levels that can not be subverted, on pain of death of living organisms reside. Read the rest of this entry »