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Milk can be consumed in different shapes and textures. According to taste, you might choose to consume fresh milk, semi-skimmed milk or milk powder.

Cow’s milk, goat milk or sheep milk

We consume most of the milk or dairy products from cow’s milk, but milk from sheep and goats are also appreciated and bottled. If the milk of sheep and goats are perfect for making certain cheeses, they also have vitamins A and D. Sheep milk is higher in fat him that cow’s milk, but also in protein , calcium , phosphorus, vitamins A and D. However the taste is much more pronounced. This is primarily a matter of taste!

Raw milk

Raw milk is milk a fragile but more creamy and aromatic than other milk. It is bottled directly from the farm, after milking the cows, where it is subject to strict controls, and deposited in stores, in the fresh. We recognize his yellow cap. Raw milk can be stored up to 72 hours refrigerated after bottling. Read the rest of this entry »